Daulat Ram Mukund Lal Swadeshi Kendra

Daulat Ram is a living legend and self made man Daulat Ram was born on March 10, 1941 in Kinjer town of District Mujjafargarh. That time it was India but now that comes under territory of Pakistan. Daulatram’s father Late Shri Fateh Chand was a simple and humble person and was a hakim. When partitiona happened Daulatram shifted to Karnal city of Haryana district with his parents. Daulatram learned lot of things from his father and father in law Late Shri Shital Dass. He is serving people since last 50 years with the knowledge he gained . Sqashes , sweets , pickles ,prepared by Daulat Ram are favorite of people from Karnal and other parts of India. Mukund is his grand son and a young entrepreneur decided to take this tradition to global level and started Daulat Ram Mukund Lal Swadeshi Kendra at Karnal, with a vision to open branches all over the world to promote Indian Foods, Handicrafts , Ayurveda and Indian culture.
Mukund strongly believes that we must live closer to nature to live well and that’s why 100 % Natural products are being promoted at Daulat Ram Mukund Lal Swadeshi Kendra.
To order 100 % Natural Pulses , Grains and Spices from India, Pulses Grains and Spices from Uttarakhand India, 100 % pure honey , Gift Hampers , Indian Handicrafts from all over the world please call or whatsapp

Phone and Whatsapp Numbers : +91 8708888182, +91 8860600134